Empowered humans empower humanity.

EmpowerCon is the premier conference for inspiring and uplifting ALL of humanity. Our mission is to bring together the trailblazers that encourage positive change and growth in Charlotte, NC.

Join our community to connect, learn, inspire, and celebrate at EmpowerCon 2019 on Saturday, September 28, 2019. Attend our sessions featuring influential speakers from every industry that touch on the following topics:

Diversity & Inclusion

Mentorship & Allyship

Entrepreneurship & Finance

Family & Wellness

Environment & Sustainability

STEAM Fields & Education

Networking & Community

Experience Empowerment by discovering all that Charlotte has to offer in the very first all-encompassing inclusion conference.

EmpowerCon’s Founder

The Dean’s List is a digital branding & career consulting company headquartered in Charlotte, NC and founded by @Merenator. TDL has worked globally with a wide range of professionals including students, models, influencers, actors, journalists, athletes, musicians, producers, and biotech consultants from companies such as ESPN, Twitter, CBS, AT&T, NFL, Miss America Organization, and more. Most importantly, The Dean's List's uplifting culture stands on the core values of collaboration, the celebration of diversity, and human empowerment. TDL revamps their clients’ social media, builds custom online portfolios/personal websites, and helps their clients have an edge with a strong first digital impression. The Dean’s List also hosts Dean's List Dinners and Monday Meetups at WeWork to connect ambitious professionals.

EmpowerCon’s Creative Teams

LevelUpCLT was born out of the core desire to connect and create. Through one-on-one interviews, podcast recordings, visual story telling and lots of coffee, this group of creative and innovative individuals realized that great impact comes from linking arms and chasing dreams with the like-minded. What LevelUp CLT quickly discovered about the people in Charlotte was that they were all craving the same thing — connection, support and growth. So, they set out to cultivate exactly that.

Black Wednesday is a Charlotte-based Marketing and PR company focused on personifying brands through creative, innovative and organic strategies. With community-building as a focus, BW helps brands tell their stories in unique ways, specifically through use of PR, consultancy, social media, influencer marketing and events. Black Wednesday works with small to large size businesses, boasting clients like Chopt Creative Salad Co., Elior North America, La Belle Helene, Gibson Mill and Constellation Culinary.